What does your typical work day as a (software) developer look like?

You probably spend some time writing actual code, a lot of time integrating it with existing systems and finally spend weeks delivering it to production.

In this short post I want to emphasize the importance of unified tooling.

In this blog post i want to share a quick way (one command) of recompiling Linux kernel with PREEMPT_RT patch for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier.

Supported version: Jetpack 4.2.1 (L4T 32.2.1), kernel 4.9.140

Supported hw: Jetson AGX Xavier

New platforms (Nano, TX2, etc.), new versions are welcomed here.

  • Cross-compilation will…

Part 1: https://medium.com/@r7vme/converting-neural-network-to-tensorrt-part-1-using-existing-plugins-edd9c2b9e42a

In part 1 i’ve described how to convert neural network with supported layers to TensorRT plan. In this part i’ll try to describe how to create a custom layer for TensorRT. Example will be a “l2norm_helper” plugin that i created to support TensorFlow l2_normalize operation.

Source code…

Every 3D bounding box estimation on image above took only 6 milliseconds.

What is TensorRT?

Roman Sokolkov

Systems Software Engineer

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